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Top 3 reasons to become a client of MS Reentry.

1. Gain access to unlocked second chances.

Thanks to our generous donors, we're able to provide opportunities for employment, food security, counseling and more!

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2. Reduce your post incarceration debt.

Post incarceration debt can be overwhelming for any person whose been involved in the Mississippi criminal justice system. In response, we've created a loyalty program that helps you reduce your incarceration debt while learning valuable life skills that can be used for a lifetime. 

*You MUST be formerly incarcerated and currently living in Desoto, Tunica, or Marshall County to become a client. 

Each year we advocate for and against reentry policies and laws during the legislative session. 


Your voice can amplify our efforts. 

Join the movement

3. Help change reentry policies and laws to ensure our successful reintegration.

Ready to become a client?

Joining the MS Reentry circle will increase your chances of being resilient after a period of incarceration no matter how long you've been away. 

We are here for you!

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