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It's Win Wednesday!

For Win Wednesday we want to announce our new partnership with the Bolivar County jail. On June 3, 2024, we will be conducting our 5-week Reentry Bootcamp, in collaboration with Guaranty Bank; designed to strengthen the resiliency of Bolivar County justice-involved individuals with the skills and tools they need to remain crime free.

Since 2019, we've conducted our Reentry Bootcamps in county jails and private Mississippi Department of Corrections facilities throughout north Mississippi, until COVID hit the nation and our bootcamps were put on pause.

On April 24, Bolivar County agreed to allow us to restart our Reentry Bootcamps making their local jail the first facility for 2024! This partnership will help us with our mission of reaching as many individuals as we can to help reduce crime and our state's recidivism rate.


To us this is defiantly a major win!

Interested in learning more about how we can provide our 5-week intensive Reentry Bootcamp to your facility? Email us at and someone will contact you to schedule a meeting.


Together we can disrupt the cycles of poverty and incarceration.

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