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Your Guide to Reintegration

At Mississippi Center for Reentry, we are here to provide comprehensive support to justice-involved individuals through our Crisis Helpline. Our reliable staff is available 24/7 to provide professional advice and counseling to help you navigate the challenges of reintegration. Our goal is to help you succeed by resolving problems, teaching important practices, and offering additional resources.

Support Our Mission

Make a Donation

Support our Crisis Helpline by making a donation today. Every little bit counts in helping us provide the best possible assistance to justice-involved individuals seeking to reintegrate into society.

Partner with Us

We believe the best way for our Crisis Helpline to be successful is for you, our community, to actively get involved. Partner with us to help justice-involved individuals achieve successful reintegration into society.

Volunteer Your Time

Join our team as a volunteer and help make our Crisis Helpline even more helpful. Your generosity and involvement will go a long way in supporting our mission.

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